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Spider World

Love them or hate them, spiders are truly amazing creatures. Now you can keep them as pets for a week or two and discover what really makes them tick! Developed by TV naturalist, Nick Baker, this ...

Snail World

Discover what makes snails tick with this fascinating nature kit developed by naturalist Nick Baker. Learn how to safely keep, feed and study them to see right inside their amazing world. This kit provides hours of ...

Ladybird World

Go on a journey with naturalist Nick Baker to discover the secret life of one of this country?s best loved insects. This kit is specially designed for ages 5-10 and explains all kinds of fun and ...

Triop World

Hatch living creatures from the age of the dinosaurs and see how your Triops double in size each day! Triops hatch in 24 hours, can grow up to 4cm long and have an incredible life cycle. ...

Bug Safari

Go on a safari in your back garden and discover the amazing bugs that lurk in the undergrowth. All kids love bugs, and this kit provides them with easy to use, professional quality equipment to enable ...

Worm World

Look inside the fascinating world of worms with this fun and informative kit. Watch your worms mix up the different coloured layers in their chamber and feed them leaves. This product provides a great opportunity for ...

Ant World

Discover the fascinating life of ants in an ideal environment. Watch the ants build tunnels, keep their home tidy and feed each other. Study chemo-communication and ant morse code. The best entertainment for a young naturalist! ...