Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle


Respond to calls and deliver the care with the Barbie care clinic it’s both an ambulance vehicle and hospital playset in one with more than 20 themed pieces
Roll the ambulance to the rescue and activate the working lights and siren with a button
Lift the lever at the back of the vehicle to instantly transform the ambulance into a 2+- foot care clinic with three distinct areas: A check-in station, waiting room and exam room
Flip down the TV in the waiting room to reveal a gift shop browse gifts like magazines, a teddy bear, balloon or bouquet of flowers
Slide the lever on the x-ray machine in the exam room to transform it into a vision chart
A rolling exam bed adjusts from flat to seated and has a lamp that attaches to the leg to light up a diagnosis
Aspiring doctors can role-play diagnosing and treating patients with themed pieces some with handles a doll can hold like a doctor’s bag, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, ear scope, reflex hammer, patient chart, medicine injector, two casts and a pair of crutches

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