Go Jetters Jet Pad Headquarters


The exciting animated series, Go Jetters takes pre-schoolers on an action-packed, geographical adventure. Four plucky international heroes travel the globe with their friend and mentor Ubercorn, a disco-dancing unicorn. Together they save the world?s most famous landmarks from the mischievous meddling’s of Grandmaster Glitch. Now you can relive the Go Jetters adventures right inside their very headquarters, the Jet Pad. It?s where they find out about their missions, where they train and learn Funky Facts. The Jet Pad HQ playset includes rolling wheels and is loaded with features like a slide, a hidden room where special click-ons (exclusive to this playset) are stored, plus a secret hangar room. Best of all, the Go Jetters will always be ready for the next adventure with the special projection feature. As the playset is opened, the projector flips to project an image on the control panel screen. Images include iconic landmarks as seen on the show, both glitched and un-glitched.

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